Lüllau Engineering

Lüllau Engineering was founded as an engineering office in 1996 by Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Lüllau. In the early years Lüllau Engineering was engaged in the development of new technologies and machines for different applications. Nowadays the company focused the development, manufacturing and the worldwide distribution of medical equipment for dermatology like Phototherapy devices and Dermoscopy devices for skin cancer screening. The technologies used in these devices are based on many years of built-on expertise by Lüllau Engineering.

Particular of the products from Lüllau Engineering is e.g. the automated operation sequents and the unique power spectrum. Among others, the minimizing of the skin cancer risk is in the medical foreground by special therapetuical and diagnosic methods. As inventor of the digital phototherapy we have set under the brand name skintrek® the gentle and skin cancer-minimizing treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and other diseases.

Our development work often is done in collaboration with universities, universities of applied sciences and industrial partners who are specialized in different areas. Due to the interaction of this multidisciplinary know-how, we are able to develop powerful tools and technologies that not only satisfies the today's market demands, but groundbreaking for the future.

Customer focus and exemplary quality control are of particular importance for the company, which of course is certified according to the medical requirements of European Standard ISO 13485.

Lüllau Engineering GmbH
Zeppelinstr. 23
21337 Lüneburg
phone: +49 4131 709799-0

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